Rabbit Run Farm and Nursery



Since 2005 we have provided the community with an exceptional selection of plant material at competitive prices.
Our relationships with numerous growers in Western Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and California
enable us to find and provide plant material of all types and of the highest quality.

We have partnered with trusted local growers who are dedicated to providing highest quality plant
material. This allows us to provide customized service, flexible delivery schedules, custom growing programs, and time our
deliveries to suit individual sites and schedules as defined by the needs of our clients.


We recognize that every one of our clients has unique circumstances and requirements.
We have an established history of recognizing the value of our customer's needs, especially when they require assurance
that their security, confidentiality, and anonymity will be held in the highest regard.


In addition, Rabbit Run Farm and Nursery:

* Has a full range of delivery trucks, from small to large, to accommodate sites with limited access.
* Offers customized growing programs to suit the needs of our customers.
* Preconditions and hardens off our plant material prior to delivery for sites with limited or non-secure
holding and staging facilities.
* Has the ability to draw from multiple grower resources all along the West Coast.
* Prides itself on the uniform and consistent quality of the plant material we provide to our customers.
* Offers call ahead service on all deliveries


Please contact us for current market pricing.
Please note prices are valid for 30 days.

Email: customerservice@rabbitrunfarmandnursery.com